How to Digitalize an organization?

Organizations must assess the lean digital quotient of each building block using Lean Digital Thinking principles and Lean Digital Practices. Each building block will be evaluated against 12 lean digital thinking principles and relevant lean digital practices (around 50+)

Ideally, for an organization to become digital ultimately, we must assess its 12 business building blocks, and each building block must be evaluated against 12 lean digital thinking principles. Thus, it is the 144-dimensional assessment to find the lean digital quotient of the organization. But organizations may prefer to digitalize identified business blocks than the whole organization. It all depends on the market pressure, management commitment, leadership bandwidth, budget, and skills availability. 

For an organization or a business building block (e.g., business process, business model, product, service, operating model etc.) to become digital, following a five-phase approach ensures excellent outcomes. 

Inspire:  Establish common digital purpose and common language and inject digital knowledge into the minds of all employees and create a digital business case. 

Assess:   Find the lean digital quotient of the identified business building blocks and identify the business building blocks’ digital strengths and weaknesses. Define problems and possibilities. 

Innovate:   Define Digital Business Strategy, Digital Programs, Projects and Innovate unique Digital Business Solutions for the identified problems and possibilities 

Experiment: Design, Develop, Test, Deploy and rollout Digital Software Applications to implement the digital business solutions in an evolutionary manner

Institutionalize: Roll out the digital software applications into the business operations, train the users, and manage the change to get the best out of the digital programs/ projects. 
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