Lean Digital Thinking

Digitalizing Businesses in a new world order

A global movement to digitalize the organizations to prepare for 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Economy.

Lean Digital Thinking

How the Book is Organized

Lean Digital Thinking - A Practitioner’s Guide to Digitalizing Businesses

Why Digitalize?

To prepare for 4th Industrial revolution & digital economy

How to Digitalize?

Understand the 5 phases of digital journey

Acquire Digital Mindset

Understand the twelve lean digital thinking principles

Digital Solution Store

Get to know real life digital solutions

What to Digitalize?

Understand the twelve business building blocks

New Normal due to COVID19

Understand the possible Digital Interventions

A Practitioner’s Guide to Digitalizing Businesses

Lean Digital Thinking, Digitalizing Businesses in a new world order This book includes the world’s first lean digital thinking philosophy with 12 principles to acquire a new digital mindset. It gives clarity on why to digitalize? Where to digitalize? What to digitalize? And how to digitalize? 

This book also explains in detail that Lean digital quotient finder is the world’s first comprehensive five-phase digital assessment framework to find digital strengths and weaknesses of 12 business building blocks. It provides lean digital methods, templates, and frameworks for digitalizing 12 business building blocks at an optimal cost.

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Chairman & MD, BT&BT and Chairman, Smart Cities Working Group, IET

V. Srinivasa Rao (VSR) is a senior technology business executive, digital business leader and technology entrepreneur. He has a unique blend of experience of over 25 years in managing P&L of large-scale conventional, digital technology businesses and technology start-ups. He is one of the pioneers in starting a digital business in the Indian IT Industry. He worked as de-facto Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Tech Mahindra.