Lean Digital Quotient

Lean Digital Quotient Finder helps you baselining your digital readiness. Following are the key considerations, when it comes to finding the LDQ of an organization:

  • The business building blocks, Lean Digital Thinking principles, lean digital practices are the same for all industries.
  • The business anatomy has 12 business building blocks for all industries.
  • There are 12 Lean Digital Thinking principles for all industries—only the weightage varies as per the industry context.
  • Lean digital practices to assess the organization’s digital readiness for all industries are the same—include or exclude as per the industry context.


Find Lean Digital Quotient

LDQ identifies the level of the digital readiness of an organization in multiple dimensions. It all depends on the organization’s choice and priorities. 

For more details and if you want to assess your organization for digital readiness, please contact at : vsr@btbt.co.in