The Digital Revolution- VSR- Lean digital Thinking

Embrace Change: The Digital Revolution

In today’s digital era, change is constant and instantaneous. To embrace constant and instant change through lean digital thinking, leaders must consider the following questions: If an organization’s response to …

Digital Era- Lean Digital Thinking

Align or Exit in the Digital Era

Due to technological innovations, humans and intelligent machines work together. Every business is today driven by technologies, and organizations must embrace technologies to enhance their business anatomy. Please view this …

Fusion of Technologies- VSR- V Srinivasa Rao

Digitalization with the Fusion of Technologies

Please view the Video on Digitalization with the Fusion of Technologies like Information Technology, Operational Technology, Communication Technology, Collaboration Technology and others. Technology fusion creates a tectonic impact on organizations.

How to Digitalize Organizations - VSR- V Srinivasa Rao

How to Digitalize an organization?

Organizations must assess the lean digital quotient of each building block using Lean Digital Thinking principles and Lean Digital Practices. Each building block will be evaluated against 12 lean digital …