What to Digitalize? – Digitalizing 12 Business Building Blocks

In the 4th Industrial revolution, the convergence of various technologies, also called modern cyber system, impacts the whole anatomy of the business. Unless organizations leverage the technologies to change their business anatomy to align with the needs and wants of various stakeholders in the digital era, their survival itself is questioned. 

The Business Anatomy is described in the form of 12 Business Building Blocks as mentioned below: 

  1. Business Vision 
  2. Business Strategy 
  3. Business Model 
  4. Business Outcomes 
  5. Business Operating Model 
  6. Business Process 
  7. Workplace 
  8. Product 
  9. Service 
  10. Technology Strategy 
  11. Technology Governance 
  12. Technology Architecture 

Organizations must leverage the modern cyber system and digitalize the 12 business building blocks as mentioned above to be relevant in the era of the 4th Industrial revolution
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