What is Lean Digital Thinking, the new Digital Business Excellence Standard and How it helps the organizations?

Thinking traditionally and executing digitally is the first step towards the failure of digital initiatives. Around 70% of digital initiatives are not successful. Therefore, there is a great need to bring common language, shared understanding, common standard and establish a common purpose for digitalization of business or an organization. 

Lean Digital Thinking is the world’s first digital business excellence standard, comprehensive with 12 lean digital thinking principles and more than 600 Lean Digital Practices. 

Lean Digital Thinking helps assess the Lean Digital Quotient of 12 business building blocks as a whole or individually depends on the organization’s digital vision and focus. 

Organizations know their digital strengths and weaknesses based on the Lean Digital Quotient derived using lean digital practices of Lean Digital Thinking. 

Lean Digital Thinking is the most powerful digital business excellence standard each business executive and technology executive must read and understand to be relevant and align with digital businesses.

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